Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ffarwel am y tro

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Anonymous said...


It's hard for everyone right now. Dw i'n fwyta beans ar dost mwyaf o fy noson. Blame it on the bastard Tories, the fanatical towelheads, the banks, yr economi, or the evil Andorrans and their plot for world domination, wn i ddim pam cach yw fucked up yn y byd ar hyn o bryd. It's the worst deperession since 1933 mate. Cach yw anodd.

Ond, ti'n dod mor bell. Ble mae'n ewyllys, mae'n ffordd.
In fact, I'm going to shoot you over an email telling you about one of my heroes, Jaun Carlos.

Maybe it will inspire you to not give up, maybe not, but I need to get my ass writing today since it's dydd Sadwrn a fasai hwn bod ffordd da o getting my ass in gear.

Benjiman the only